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The Work Comp experience rating formula has variables such as D-Ratio, Ballast Value and Weighting Value. It’s enough to make you wonder if even Albert Einstein would have said, “I don’t get it”. Even though we didn’t create the formula, we can explain it to you.

Why would you want to know what your experience MOD is?  Because your Experience Mod is the single largest factor influencing you Work Comp premium. 
 If you think it’s getting the lowest bid, you’re wrong. If you get Work Comp bids, there is usually no more than 2%  to 5% difference in the lowest bids. However, your experience mod is the single largest factor influencing your work comp insurance premium. By analyzing the factors that influence your experience mod, we can show you numbers such as your minimum mod, controllable mod, impact of specific claims on your mod, how your numbers compare to the average of your industry, etc. We can then provide you with solutions to lower your mod and your costs. Many agents avoid mod analysis because they don’t understand it themselves. 

For a free mod analysis from one of our Certified Work Comp Advisors, please contact us at 405-843-9481 or 800-749-9481, or you can email us your questions and a Certified Work comp Advisor will reply promptly.


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