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  1. How often do you see your agent and what is that agent doing for you to help you lower your work comp costs?  If you see your agent once a year, have you wondered what you are getting for the premiums you are paying?
  2. Has your agent explained your work comp experience rating sheet to you?  For instance, do you know your minimum experience mod?  Your controllable mod?  The impact each loss has on your mod?, etc.
  3. Has your agent explained the reduced impact on your mod when losses are medical-only?
  4. Has your agent provided you with an audit guide to help avoid mistakes when it is time for your audit?
  5. Has your agent offered assistance and material to create or improve your return-to-work program?
  6. Has your agent offered to review and audit your claim reserves in order to get them lowered or closed prior to your valuation date in order to lower your costs?
  7. Has your agent undergone specific training in workers compensation that enables him to fully understand the errors that commonly occur and the process that should be implemented to keep you from losing money?


How You Benefit from Working with a Certified WorkComp Advisor

When you place your business with a Certified Work Comp Advisor you are stepping up to an advanced insurance business consultant process.

CWCAs receive additional training specific to the workers’ compensation industry that enables them to fully understand the errors that commonly occur and the processes that should be implemented to keep you from losing money.

CWCA’s enjoy a history of finding, fixing errors and turning money to employers.

There are fewer than 1,000 insurance professionals who have earned the Certified WorkComp Advisor designation, awarded by Institute of WorkComp Professionals, the nation’s largest network of trained workers’ comp professionals.

CWCA are an employers’ workers’ comp advocate, operating between you and your insurance carrier.  Their goal is to represent your best interests.  They are effective because they have taken the extra step, trained in the unique process of the Institute of WorkComp Professionals to recognize errors and mistakes in your workers’ comp program and recover money reducing your total workers’ comp expense.

CWCAs review outstanding claims to make sure you are not being charged for claims that should be closed, again reducing your workers’ comp cost.

CWCAs work closely with employers to help them establish beneficial medical relationships.

CWCAs help implement an injury management system in your company that begins the moment an injury occurs.  They know that reporting an injury immediately is the best way to make sure the employee received proper care and is back to work faster.  Less lost time means a lower Experience Modification Factor and lowers premiums.

CWCAs help you prepare for the annual workers’ comp audit so you are ready when the auditor arrives, just as your accountant makes sure you are ready for an IRS audit.  Result:  an error-free audit.

When you see these four letters – CWCA- you can be sure you’re working with an insurance professional who has taken the extra step to bring extra value to your company.

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